I got hooked on gardening by helping out in my grandfather’s veggie garden as a small child. Since then, I have tended gardens in the San Francisco Bay Area, Eureka, and Aptos, California, and worked on farms in Arcata and Santa Cruz. At UC Santa Cruz I focused my studies on creative writing and agroecology. Most recently, I completed the 12-week San Mateo County Master Composter Program, as well as the San Mateo and San Francisco Counties Master Gardener Program.

I am happiest when the cupboards are full of honey, the food dehydrator is doing its meager darnedest, the garden beds are planted in garlic, and the chickens are scratching away under the persimmon tree.


Like many people’s lives, mine has been circuitous. I began gardening/farming while living on a small organic farm during graduate school in the early ’90s. I’ve also worked in vineyards, horticultural departments, and retail and wholesale nurseries. I currently own and operate my own gardening business in the San Francisco Bay Area, with emphases on pruning fruit and small ornamental trees, edibles, sustainable design, and organic practices.

I can be a bit opinionated, and I love to experiment in the garden. I’m grateful to Sarah for driving this project and less grateful, until now, for all the times I had to stop what I was doing so Sarah could take a picture. I hope this blog will inspire conversation, experimentation and learning.

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