Honey Bees

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  1. Have you guys seen this?


    My friend sent me the link. I’m not into beekeeping, so I don’t quite know what to think.


    • Hi Jay—Yes, I just saw it this past week. I’m not sure what to think either. I’m skeptical. I also don’t like using plastic in beehives and this looks to be all plastic. As much as the thought of cutting down beekeeping work is appealing, there’s something satisfying about the mucky process of extracting. I expect we’ll stick with what we know :).

  2. Ryan Herburger

    Hi friends! Oregon State University recently bought and populated one if these hives to test effectiveness, ease, bee health, and all the other things that go along with hives. They should be collecting honey for the first time near the end of summer if you want to get their thoughts!

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