February Harvest 2015

Here’s the belated tally for February’s harvest. Keep in mind, we aren’t actually selling all this produce–just calculating how much we would have had to spend if we had purchased it.

Some of it isn’t even available at the store. Kohlrabi, for example, is hard to come by if you don’t grow it yourself. Likewise, I wasn’t sure what price to put for some of the herbs.

Some harvests would have been bigger, were it not for vicious attacks by the local squirrel patrol. We lost three big, beautiful cabbages in one day to them.

On the upside, this is our best spring honey harvest to date. I think we have my early January hive inspections/extra-boxes-adding and unusually diligent follow-up February hive inspections to thank for this bounty. In beekeeping, timeliness can really pay off.

  • Asparagus ’Farmer’s Favorite’: 1.72 lbs. (@$3.99/lb=$6.86)
  • Broccoli ‘Fiesta’: 5.96 lbs. (@$2.49/lb.=$14.84)
  • Broccoli ‘Umpqua’: 1.25 lbs. (@2.49/lb.=$3.11)
  • Butter lettuce: 0.41 lbs. (@$4.98/lb.=$2.04)
  • Cabbage ‘Parel’: 6.56 lbs. (@$1.49/lb.=$9.77)
  • Carrot ‘Nantaise’: 1.09 lbs. (@$0.99/lb.=$1.08)
  • Cauliflower ‘Snow Crown’: 13.24 lbs. (@$2.49/lb.=$32.98)
  • Chard ‘Fordhook’: 0.28 lbs. (@$4.98/lb.=$1.39)
  • Cilantro: 0.08 lbs. (@$3.58/lb.=$0.29)
  • Dinosaur kale ‘Niro di Toscano’: 0.06 lbs. (@$4.98/lb.=$0.30)
  • Eggs (Barred Rock 16; Welsummer 1): 17 (@$0.33/egg=$5.61)
  • Honey: 130.75 lbs. (@$10/lb.=$1307.50)
  • Kale ‘Wild Kale Blend’: 0.09 lbs. (@$4.98/lb.=$0.45)
  • Kale ‘Winterbor’: 0.13 lbs. (@$4.98/lb.=$0.65)
  • Kohlrabi ‘Delicacy White’: 1.01 lbs. (@$2.49/lb.?=$2.51)
  • Lettuce ‘All-Season Romaine’: 4.41 lbs. (@$4.98/lb.=$21.96)
  • Mustard ‘Ruby Streaks’: 0.55 lbs. (@$5.99/lb.=$3.29)
  • Mustard ‘Tah Tsoi’: 0.20 lbs. (@$5.99/lb.=$1.20)
  • Navel oranges: 49.62 lbs. (@$1.99/lb.=$98.74)
  • Parsley ‘Dark Green Italian Plain’: 0.50 lbs. (@$3.58/lb.=$1.79)
  • Snap pea ‘Sugar Snap’: 0.08 lbs.
  • Sage: 0.002 lbs.
  • Spring onion ‘Purplette’: 0.10 lbs. (@$5.98/lb.=$0.60)
  • Thyme: .13 lbs.

Total: 87.47 lbs. ($209.46)

Egg count: 17 ($5.61)

Honey: 130.75 lbs. ($1307.50)

2015 produce total: 137.42 ($333.41)

2015 egg count: 24 ($7.92)


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