May Garden Harvest

May Harvest totals
  • Beeswax: 1 lb.
  • Beet ‘Pacemaker III Hybrid’: 2.75 lbs.
  • Blueberry ‘Misty’ and ‘Sunshine Blue’: .19 lbs.
  • Broccoli ‘Umpqua’: 1.88 lbs.
  • Cabbage ‘Parel’: 1.5 lbs.
  • Carrot ‘Mokum’: 4.63 lbs. (root)
  • Carrot ‘Mokum’: 2 lbs. (tops)
  • Carrot ‘Nantaise’: .63 lbs. (root)
  • Carrot ‘Nantaise’: .25 lbs. tops)
  • Carrot ‘Napa’: 6.5 lbs. (root)
  • Carrot ‘Napa’: 3.5 lbs. (tops)
  • Cauliflower ‘Snow Crown’: 7.75 lbs.
  • Chard ‘Rainbow’: .75 lbs.
  • Eggs: 37 (Barred Rock 23; Barred Leghorn 14)
  • Elephant garlic: 3.75 lbs.
  • Fava ‘Broad Windsor’: .25 lbs.
  • Garlic ‘Duganski’: 1.25 lbs.
  • Garlic ‘Spanish Roja’: 2 lbs.
  • Garlic ‘Susanville’: 1.38 lbs.
  • Honey (comb): 9.25 lbs.
  • Honey (extracted): 34 lbs.
  • Kale ‘Fordham Hook’: .5 lbs.
  • Kale ‘Winterbore’: .38 lbs.
  • Lemon ‘Meyer’: .75 lbs.
  • Lime ‘Bearrs’: .25 lbs.
  • Loquat: 8 lbs.
  • Mulberry ‘Pakistan Fruiting’: 3.25 lbs.
  • Navel orange: 3.31 lbs.
  • Onion ‘Red Amposta’: .88 lbs.
  • Onion ‘Yellow Granex’: 24.5
  • Raspberry ‘Autumn Bliss’, ‘Autumn Britten’, and ‘Tulameen’: 4.75 lbs.
  • Snap pea ‘Sugar Snap’: 1.13 lbs.
  • Strawberry ‘Seascape’ and ‘Albion’: .75 lbs.

Harvest total: 133.66 lbs.

2014 harvest total: 360.64 lbs.

2 Responses to May Garden Harvest

  1. Hi Sarah, How do you feel about this harvest? Is it good? I have nothing to compare it to, so I figured I’d ask you. It sure looks good to me. I mean, 133 pounds of anything is great! I hope I’m getting my decimals right this time.


    • Hi Jay–This is our first year diligently weighing the harvest, so we sort of don’t have anything to compare it to either. I think the answer to your question depends on what’s being grown, how many square feet it’s being grown on, etc. I was pretty pleased with the May harvest, but I also think it could have been a lot bigger. Our onions and garlic, for example, are not as large as in previous years, and we should have done more succession planting with some of our vegetables to avoid gaps between harvests.

      Weighing the harvest has been very enlightening to me so far, and I think we’ll learn a lot more as we tinker with varieties and methods in coming years.

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